Micke Askernäs
Micke AskernäsDroid Builder
Age: 42
Location: Stockholm
Droids: R2-D2, Mini-R2

Hi. My name is Micke Askernäs. I’m a performer by day, and a droid builder by night..
A couple of years ago, I just took the decision that I wanted to build my own full scale R2-D2. At the time, I had no idea anyone had ever done this before. I just knew that I wanted to build one. My friends reacted with a very scpetical “Yeah, like that’s going to happen”. 8 months later, I premiered my first completed R2 to the world.

I love problem solving and the mechanical, electronical and coding wise with building a droid from scratch is something I have truly enjoyed. I’ve had the fortune that I have a hobby that makes me happy, and thousands of others as well when I bring him to Sci-Fi Conventions and other gatherings. I’ve also taken him to visit sick children in hospitals. In the end, knowing that I’ve both brought joy to a lot of people, and helped in gathering money for various charities is something that makes me sleep well at night, and has made every minute I’ve spent (and still spending) working him all worth it!

Thomas Nixon
Thomas NixonDroid Builder
Age: 50
Location: Stockholm
Droids: R2-D2, R2-Q5, Wall-E, BB-8

Hi I’m Thomas Nixon. I’m an American that met a Swedish nanny while serving in the USAF stationed in England in the 80’s. Later we then moved to Sweden to start our family almost 20 years ago.
A long time ago…about 35 years ago as a teenager I actually made a lifesize rc R2 out of cardboard, sweat and a lot of tape. It was far from screen accurate, but made it through one scifi convention before I had to mothball it because of rain the very next day. Star Wars as a genre has really a deep rooted place in my life and heart. It was the first and only film my dad and I saw together in the cinema, which later guided my carrier choices.

About 8 years ago after a long thought process and after visiting so many conventions (such as the Star Wars Celebration III and IV) and meeting the R2 Builders Club I decided it was time to put my heart into this REAL build. I love a challenge, I’ve loved the entire astromech concept as well as Star Wars (of course) and face it R2’s the real hero in Star Wars. Unknowingly at that time no one had ever made a life-size working R2 in Sweden, let alone Scandinavia! The R2 Builders in the US were the invaluable resource of info and tips that helped me along my building process. A year later, at the end of 2008 I finally finished my first R2 which worked great kicking off a whole new lifestyle that has literally changed the quality of my life beyond my dreams. In all I’ve built 3 R2’s and have done so many events thru the years. Most of the events were charity events but also many birthdays, weddings, grand openings, surprises visits to children etc. It’s a very long list but with numerous life-fulfilling and life-changing moments. The looks in everyone’s eyes are always “child-like wonderment” and heartwarming awe.

As just mentioned I’ve built 3 artoos over the years and it’s been a fun challenge every time. Besides my Artoo builds my latest building challenge has been a life-sized remote controlled Wall-E with equally great success. The next build in my pipeline is, you guessed it BB-8. That will be a different kind of challenge but I have all the internal workings already figured out. This build I’ll be starting in the summer 2015 and will be hopefully finished by December for obvious reasons.

Lars-Åke Siggelin
Lars-Åke SiggelinDroid Builder
Age: 48
Location: Linköping
Droids: R2-D2, R4-D2, MSE-6

This should say something witty about Sigge!

Jimmy Erixon
Jimmy ErixonDroid Builder
Age: 31
Location: Dannike
Droids: R5-D4

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Micke Brodin
Micke BrodinDroid Builder.
Age: 38
Location: Sölvesborg
Droids: R5-D4, MSE-6

My name is Mike, i´m 30-somewhat years and live in Sweden and have a big intrest in Star Wars and droids. I´m a proud 501st member since 2013, during my first con i got hooked….on droids! So my first project was to build a MSE-6, just to get the idea of what i was getting my self into. So now it´s on, a R5 is going to be born.

Anton Nilsson
Anton NilssonDroid Builder.
Age: 24
Location: Stockholm
Droids: R2-D2

The steady hypnosis victim…

Fredrik Johansson
Fredrik JohanssonDroid Builder.

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Alexander Arvidsson
Alexander ArvidssonDroid Builder.

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Stefan Siggelin
Stefan SiggelinDroid Builder.

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David Bergelv
David BergelvDroid Builder.
Location: Stockholm

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Björn Westin
Björn WestinDroid Builder.
Location: Stockholm

Rebel at Heart. This should say something witty about Björn.

Lars Lindberg
Lars LindbergDroid Builder.
Age: 46
Location: Mjölby
Droids: R2-D2 (3 leg mode), R2-D2 2-3-2

My name is Lars. 5 years ago I’ve started to build my first R2 as a project with one of my children.
After a couple of year this project turned into a full-time hobby.

The people I meet and the dedication found in the various R2 groups is amazing and as important as building is.

Due to work I have yet to participate in any Conventions or charity work, but this is of course one important goal.